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In-building Mapping with the Anritsu S412E LMR Master™ and the MA8100A Series TRX NEON® Signal Mapper

In-building wireless communications are essential to provide communications for law enforcement activities, for emergency medical treatment, for fire suppression, for carrying on the business of government, and for providing communications in time of disasters.

This 6 page application note describes how the Anritsu S412E LMR Master™ combined with the MA8100A Series TRX NEON® 3D signal mapping solution provides a powerful in-building mapping solution so users can easily make measurements and create detailed maps and reports of in-building coverage.

The application note covers the following steps for configuring the S412E to properly measure the signals of interest and more:

  • Setting up the S412E for Channel Power Measurement
  • Preparing a map with TRX NEON Command Software
  • Connecting the S412E with a measurement antenna and the Android Smart Phone or Tablet