Anritsu Virtual MWC22—Wireless Technology Showroom

5G devices and network technology are currently being rolled out, delivering higher speed and capacity and lower latency. This provides the future platform for new use cases and new applications, for evolving the technology Beyond 5G, and for the development of a sustainable society.

Anritsu is contributing to this journey by producing innovative solutions to enable the eco-systems that are either developing or using the technologies and accelerating the realization of new products and services for Industry Verticals.

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Technologies and Measurements for Beyond 5G—Anritsu is participating in multiple projects and consortia to help define and shape future telecoms technologies and related measurement requirements.

5G/6G Material Measurements/Characterization with Anritsu Benchtop—Learn about the need for material measurements in today’s world of 5G/6G communication standards. With an ever-increasing bandwidth /speed requirements in electronic circuits, the material through which the signals propagate at extreme high frequencies plays a very crucial role.

5G Network Slicing for Automotive V2X with dSPACE—Demonstrating Advanced Intersection Collision Warning (AICW) showing how sensor information from outside the vehicle can be obtained, allowing the vehicle to detect the risk of an intersection collision and alert the driver accordingly.

Smart Factory - 5G Network Slicing & MEC with InterDigital—A high level overview of the concepts of 5G network slicing and multi-access edge computing. Including a demonstration achieved with Anritsu Rapid Test Designer (RTD) and MT8000A Radio Communication Test Station simulating a Standalone (SA) mode 5G NR network and InterDigital’s Intelligent Edge solution for smart factories.

Ensuring 5G Ultra Reliable Low Latency (URLLC) ValidationMT1000A Network Master Pro a portable easy to use test solution with 10G, 25G and 100G interfaces, accurately analyses critical network performance parameters to ensure URLLC and end-to-end quality of service.

Evaluating 5G Video Quality together with Spirent and TOYO—New solution for evaluating the video quality of 5G devices. This lab-based solution was developed in partnership with Spirent Communications plc (LSE: SPT) and TOYO Corporation (8151: TYO) and uses Anritsu’s SmartStudio NR Network Simulator and Spirent’s Attero and Umetrix Video software, providing a new integrated 5G video quality system.

5G Assisted GPS CAT Solutions in partnership with Orolia—Assisted GPS (A-GPS) test functionality to meet 5G New Radio (NR) Carrier Acceptance Testing (CAT) requirements for multiple North American operators on the Anritsu ME7834NR 5G Mobile Device Test Platform.


5G Standalone Automated Assurance—End-to-end insight into customer experience and network traffic with KPIs, detailed call-flow troubleshooting, real-time dashboards, analytics, and reporting. It assures 5G networks, virtualized and cloud-enabled, alongside 2G to 4G networks.

AI and Analytics—Anritsu uses patented machine learning algorithms to automatically detect anomalies in behaviour, isolate the root cause, and impacted subscribers ready for automated actions.

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