Verify your IoT Devices at the IoT Experience Lab

5G is a powerful technology that requires in-depth knowledge to verify a device’s RF and Protocol performance. To reduce this learning curve and offer engineers greater product confidence, Anritsu and Tech Mahindra introduce the IoT Experience Lab  – a simple, cost-effective environment to ensure your IoT device functionality and performance.

What types of testing does the IoT Experience Lab offer?
IoT Experience Lab provides industry-leading test solutions and simple automated smart application software that auto-creates functional, performance, stress, and regression tests and provides a user-friendly report and logs to gauge your device’s performance.

The following Anritsu solutions are available in the IoT Experience Lab, supporting multiple technologies used in emerging 5G use cases, including 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA), 4G LTE, NB-IOT, CatM, and WLAN:

Where is the IoT Experience Lab located?
At the Tech Mahindra facility, 6092 Steward Ave., Fremont, CA 94538

Who can use the IoT Experience Lab?

  • Device OEMs can use Anritsu equipment at the lab to verify that their products perform according to applications in different verticals, including Industrial IoT, Telemedicine, Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Cities, and Virtual Reality (VR).
  • Engineers can use the lab to save time and expense verifying that their devices will operate according to specifications in the most challenging real-world environments.

Performing these tests in the Lab offers significant cost savings, as it helps minimize the chances of failures/returns before products are commercialized.