Real Talk on Today’s Wireless Technology

As technologies evolve so too does test processes and requirements as well as test and measurement equipment; keeping up with the latest developments is key to meeting your KPIs. Here’s what you’ll learn on Anritsu’s virtual, interactive Test Talk event:

Bluetooth®/Bluetooth low energy (BLE)

  • Gain an understanding of BLE and its inherent benefits such as better range, reduced power consumption and latency.
  • Discover new capabilities in Bluetooth versions 5.1 and 5.2 such as Angle of Arrival and Departure, and LE audio.
  • Learn about Anritsu’s test and measurement solutions available for design proving, certification and production testing.

Wi-Fi 6/6E

  • Understand 802.11ax - Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, and get a preview of Wi-Fi 7.
  • See how Wi-Fi 6/6E differs from previous versions, the enhancements they offer and the applications they empower.
  • Learn about product design and testing considerations for each step of the WLAN device development process from parts selection to commercialization and everything in between.

Interference Hunting using Real-Time Spectrum Analysis (RTSA)

  • Understand how the crowded spectrum can lead to interference problems and the different sources of interference.
  • Hear about real life examples of interference and mitigation techniques such as spectrum cleaning, signal analysis and identification and signal hunting.
  • See why Real Time Spectrum Analysis is needed to verify Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Learn about the benefits of Real-Time Spectrum Analysis for mitigation, including mission critical Satellite communications.

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