5G Automotive Evolution + Testing Solutions

5G is a powerful technology that continues to evolve. As it rapidly expands into numerous Automotive applications, engineers have to keep up with the latest developments and use cases. To help engineers stay on top of the latest topics, including test challenges and solutions, we are proud to host the Anritsu Technology Day: 5G Automotive Test Solutions—a full day of free education and live demos, presented in-person by industry experts from Anritsu, dSpace, MVG, AeroGT Labs, and Tektronix.

Date: June 23, 2022
Time: 8:30 AM - 4:15 PM
Location: Baronette Renaissance Hotel at
27790 Novi Road, Novi MI 48377

Network with industry peers/experts, join brainstorming discussions, and get a “finger on the pulse” of the key trends moving the Automotive world. Anritsu Technology Day: 5G Automotive Test Solutions is dedicated to sharing industry updates, market trends, and new test technologies for Automotive applications.


8:30 am:

Breakfast and Registration

9:00 am:

Introduction and Keynote

Presented by:

Adnan Khan, Technology & Market Development Director, Anritsu

Jonathan Borrill, Head of Global Market Technology, Anritsu

10:15 am – 12:45 pm

Morning sessions (including snack and
beverage breaks):


The Role of the TCU is Changing—
Opportunity or Challenge?

As the 5G TCU use case continues its evolution, the deployment efforts and related tests is evolving as well. This session will share an overview of the 5G TCU, the challenges posed for its adoption and how Anritsu offers a test platform capability for L3+ to AD functional 5G TCU test.

Presented by:

Shinji Hoshino, Director, Anritsu


Keeping up with V2X, ADAS and Autonomous Driving
So where are we now with C-V2X? This session will share updates on C-V2X R16 and R17, the increasing use cases for Safety-related ADAS functions and its impact on test needs, and how interference monitoring is critical for development efforts and test plans.

Presented by:

Jonathan Borrill, Head of Global Market Technology, Anritsu


Automotive Sensor Functional and Performance Evaluation
With changing sensor packages and developing standards for ADAS functionality, measurement-based tests continue to be a critical phase of sensor functional performance test. This session will focus on VNA-based Automotive Test Applications and Over the Air (OTA) measurements that are becoming the critical path for L3+ ADAS adoption.

Presented by:

Ram Mirwani, Sr. Market Development Manager, Anritsu


Evolving Automotive BUS Communications
CAN communication has been widely used in Automotive and new use cases are creating needs for additional bus communications in vehicles. This session will present why a CAN alternative is needed, options being considered/evaluated with challenges involved, and how Anritsu is enabling these use case evaluations.

Presented by:

John James, Field Applications Engineer, Anritsu


COVID-19 Precautions:
Masks and hand sanitizer will be available for the attendees.
Full location precautions >


WOW! The Material Impacts the Automotive Function?
With sensors being more heavily used for ADAS and AD functionality, the impact of materials is facing heavy scrutiny. Where and why is material selection critical? In this session, we will discuss what the impacts are and how to address them in design stages.

Presented by:

Ram Mirwani, Sr. Market Development Manager, Anritsu



1:30 pm – 4:15 pm Afternoon sessions (including snack and beverage breaks):
  HIL Testing (presented by dSpace)
HIL testing continues to be a key test methodology for vehicle and ADAS development efforts. In this session, dSPACE will share a HIL test overview, its benefits and challenges, and some new directions and applications including the combined dSPACE and Anritsu solution for 5G TCU Connectivity HILS test.
Presented by:
Patrick Wendt, Acocunt Manager, dSpace
  5G MIMO OTA solution for Automotive Applications (presented by AeroGT Labs)
Automotive applications are seeing rising importance and key learnings from Over the Air (OTA) tests. This session will share an overview of a combined AeroGT Labs and Anritsu solution for 5G MIMO OTA test.

Presented by:

Bo Han, AeroGT Labs
VIL OTA Test (presented by MVG)
This session will include an introduction to MVG, an overview of some of the Vehicle Antenna Measurement systems and an update on some of the recent developments on antenna measurements for communications on vehicles.

Presented by:

Per Iverson, MVG and John Estrada CEO, MVG
From Chip-to-chip, ECU-to-ECU, Simplifying Signal Integrity Analysis in PCIe® and Automotive Ethernet (presented by Tektronix)
An overview of the higher speed serial buses in the automotive ecosystem and the challenges they present. We will discuss different automotive applications and the combined solution for Automotive Ethernet and PCIe bus testing with Anritsu products.
Presented by:
Cameron Lowe, Field Applications Engineer, Tektronix
Aaron Macauley, Account Manager, Tektronix

Live Demos available during the event:

  • 5G TCU Connectivity HIL Test
  • Automotive Ethernet Signal Separation
  • MP1900A PCIe® Testing
  • MS27101A Advanced RF Monitoring
  • MS2090A Advanced Interference Mitigation