MWC 2023

Anritsu Virtual MWC23 — Wireless Technology Showroom

5G devices and network technology are currently being rolled out, delivering higher speed and capacity and lower latency. This provides the future platform for new use cases and new applications, for evolving the technology Beyond 5G, and for the development of a sustainable society.

Anritsu is contributing to this journey by producing innovative solutions to enable the eco-systems that are either developing or using the technologies and accelerating the realization of new products and services for Industry Verticals.

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Technologies and Measurements for Beyond 5G — 3GPP has started work on ‘5G-Advanced’ from Release 18, and industry and academia are already evaluating technologies for 6G. Anritsu is participating in multiple projects and consortia to help define and shape future telecoms technologies and related measurement requirements.

Metaverse user experience over 5G with real world mobility in partnership with InterDigital — 5G New Radio (NR) introduces significant improvements in latency and data interruption, but further improvements can be made by changing radio network and user equipment. Anritsu showcases the simulation of real network conditions in an ultra-flexible test lab environment, demonstrating smarter 5G UE and network behaviors.

Test Solution for 5G Enabled Automated Valet Parking in partnership with dSPACE and Apposite — Anritsu and dSPACE GmbH have developed a test and simulation environment for Automated Valet Parking (AVP).

RIS Measurements with PhaseLync Technology in partnership with Greenerwave — Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS) is an electronic device, composed of many layers with a surface inlaid with a set of patch antennas whose electromagnetic (EM) response could be controlled via a control board. Anritsu’s PhaseLync technology distributed VNA system ME7868A can make measurements of the magnitude and phase characteristics of high frequency RISs over distances up to 100m, characterizing a RIS surface performance in a real environment.

O-RAN Test Solution for O-RU — Open RAN is driving flexibility and intelligence in mobile network using multi-vendor disaggregated products. Anritsu contributes to build secure mobile network by providing a unique solution for O-RU (O-RAN Radio Unit) testing.

Field Test – Network Latency Measurements for UR/LLC — Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) is key for applications such as autonomous vehicles, medical, Multiple Access Edge Computing (MEC), and Metaverse technology. Anritsu will demonstrate real network latency measurements and data mapping.

Field Test – Base Station Installation and Optimization — Anritsu’s Field Master MS2080A, the latest addition to the Field Master Family, integrates all the tools required to install and maintain the radio performance of standalone and non-standalone 5G networks.

Anritsu Service Assurance - Beyond Automated Assurance — Autonomous networks using advanced automation require real-time subscriber-level insights, machine learning, and automation. Anritsu Service Assurance gives operators real-time insight into subscribers' experiences, allowing them to fix network issues without delay.

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