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Vector Signal Generator MG3710E

The Vector Signal Generator MG3710E is a best-of-class, multi-function, signal generator with excellent RF and baseband performance.

The MG3710E features wideband vector modulation and offers built-in baseband waveform generation with large-capacity memory to ensure maximum versatility. It supports all key mobile communications and wireless LAN standards, and it also has the exceptional performance required for emerging and proprietary wireless communications technologies. Dual RF and Dual Waveform options enable a single MG3710E to output up to four independently modulated signals. The MG3710E makes it easy to implement complex test scenarios that would normally require multiple synchronized signal generators, such as:

  • Wanted + Interference Signals for Receiver Blocking Testing
  • Wanted + Two CW Tones for Receiver Intermodulation Testing
  • Wanted + Delayed Signals for Multipath Testing
  • Multiple Wanted Signals for MIMO Testing
  • Multiple Wanted Signals for LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation Testing

For these multi-signal applications, the MG3710E eliminates the cost of extra signal generators, simplifies equipment setup and calibration, streamlines system operations and speeds measurement times.

The following four types of waveform pattern can be used with the MG3710E:

  • Built-in standard waveform patterns
  • Optional waveform patterns (sold separately) (MX3700xxA, MX3700xxB, MX3710xxA)
  • Waveforms generated by IQproducer waveform generation software (sold separately) (MX3701xxA)
  • IQ data generated by general-purpose signal-generation software and converted waveform patterns used by MG3710E

Features of the MG3710E include:

  • Vector Signal Generator supporting frequencies of 100 kHz to 2.7/4/6 GHz
  • ACLR: -68 dBc (W-CDMA, Test-Model 1, 64DPCH, ≤+5 dBm)
  • Output level +23 dBm (CW, 400 MHz to 3 GHz)
  • Switching Time: >600 µs (List/Sweep mode)
  • Built-in wideband (160 MHz/120 MHz) baseband signal generator
  • Dual RF (Optional) provides two independent RF outputs
  • Dual Waveform Memory (Optional) enables two independently modulated signals per RF Output
  • Generate and output modulation signals of various communication systems such as 5G NR (sub-6 GHz) TDD/FDD, LTE-Advanced TDD/FDD (Optional)
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