Anritsu–Teledyne LeCroy PCI Express® Test Solutions

Anritsu and Teledyne LeCroy’s fully integrated compliance test solution automates physical layer testing for all generations of PCI Express. Transmitter, receiver and link equalization tests are all executed automatically, with minimal test time for maximum efficiency. Calibration, test execution and report generation are also automated for optimum repeatability.

Compliance Test

The following illustrates an efficient procedure for successfully passing the compliance test and obtaining certification as early as possible.

How to Debug

With link speeds of 32 GT/s, troubleshooting PCIe® 5.0 issues requires leading-edge measurement technologies as debugging and problem resolution become increasingly complex. The following illustrates how to troubleshoot and resolve issues using the Anritsu/Teledyne LeCroy test solution – a leading PCIe debug platform.


Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A


The Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A series is a multichannel BERT with the functions and performance required for designing and testing next-generation network interfaces, such as 200/400/800G Ethernet, and high-speed bus interfaces, such as PCI Express 4.0/5.0, USB3.2, USB4™ and Thunderbolt™.

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